Baby Seal Caught on Camera Riding the Waves With Delighted California Surfers


A seal pup was caught on camera visiting California surfers and even jumping onto a surfboard to apparently bathe in the sun and ride the waves with his new human friends.


“The most beautiful thing that has ever happened to me … never getting rid of this board … endlessly grateful to @dronedudeed for being there with me and catching this incredible moment on his cam,” one of the lucky surfers who spotted the baby seal posted on Instagram, according to The Sacramento Bee.

A few surfers were out on the water last Saturday off Tourmaline Beach, which is north of San Diego, when they spotted the seal pup.

Drone footage caught the entire scene on camera, as the pup hopped on the surfboards, baked in the sun and even caught a few waves with the surfers.


The surfers reached out to SeaWorld when they first spotted the pup so that experts could make sure the baby seal was healthy.

“Our team did respond to the pup,” SeaWorld official Tracy Rahr told NBC San Diego. “Upon arrival, it appeared healthy and was in the water when the team went out to evaluate, so there was no need to intervene as the pup also appeared to be old enough to care for itself.”

Seal pups are naturally friendly and will approach humans, CBS News previously reported, and their mothers will often leave them to go hunting.

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