Editorial Standards

Here at Resist the Mainstream, we are committed to the truth. In today’s rapidly changing media
environment, we believe that it is our job to report the news honestly and accurately.


Fairness has always played a crucial part in journalism and no story is truly fair unless it’s complete.
Most of all, fairness includes honesty and clarity. Stories would not be honest if they mislead readers.
Thus, we make extra efforts to ensure that our stories include arguments from both (or all) sides and do
not omit any significant piece of information, regardless of its size.


At Resist the Mainstream, we understand that we have a responsibility to be as transparent to our
readers as possible. Transparency is the bedrock of truthful and fair reporting and Resist the Mainstream
has every intention to honor those values.

In the interest of transparency, our reports disclose political leanings and credit original reporting.


To uphold the promise of accuracy, Resist the Mainstream takes steps to fact-check and verify reports. Both writers and editors fact-check and review claims. We also differentiate between credible claims, confirmed claims, speculations, and opinions.

Resist the Mainstream separates stories into different categories, including news reports, opinions, and news & commentary. We mainly focus on political news in the US, US media, and important news from around the world.

Use of others’ material

Resist the Mainstream’s reports always credit other news outlets when we use materials not produced by
our reporting. When we’re not the first to report on a story, we make sure to mention that another outlet
first reported it.

Sometimes, we retransmit stories in part from other media outlets and highlight where we took
the excerpt from. Most of the time, we rewrite the stories in a way that reflects our requirements for
reporting regarding structure, length, approach, and content but always attribute materials from other

It is not uncommon for Resist the Mainstream writers to include passages from previous Resist the
Mainstream stories, usually to provide additional background.


Quotes are never altered or taken out of context. We do not change quotations in our stories to correct
word usage or grammatical errors. Writers and editors may sometimes paraphrase quotations in cases
where there is a lack of clarity.


Resist the Mainstream strives to provide its readers with accurate and complete reports. Still, in today’s
fast-paced media world, errors inevitably occur. We are committed to hearing all complaints about our
stories. We always admit our mistakes and promptly respond to any errors in the reports we publish.

When we make a correction, we label it as such and always explain the change. The same rule applies
to clarifications.

If a story warrants removal, we let our readers know in an editor’s note, where we will provide a full
explanation for the decision to unpublish the piece.