Man Creates Benches for People to Rest at Bus Stops: ‘Let’s Help Our Neighbors’

James Warren regularly takes the bus in Denver, Colorado, but after noticing something was missing at multiple stops, he took action.


The problem was those stops did not have anywhere for people to sit and wait for the bus to arrive, the Washington Post reported Thursday.

Earlier this year, Warren saw a woman waiting for a bus but because there was nowhere to rest she was sitting on the ground.

“For people to have to sit in the dirt while they’re waiting for a bus is just undignified,” said the young man, who works with the Colorado Workforce Development Council.

According to the council’s website, his role was to create a career navigation program for workforce centers while also administering grants to nonprofit organizations.

To remedy the seating problem, he decided to make a bench with pieces of scrap wood.

There were thousands of bus stops in Denver, but Warren still set his mind on the project.


After building his first bench, he put together seven more. Warren places his mark on them by inscribing two special words into the wood. It was message he wanted everyone to hear.

Photos showed one of the benches with the phrase, “Be Kind” on its seat. Another image showed the young man smiling while standing next to his handiwork:

The project has proved to be a rewarding endeavor for Warren who said people are grateful for the special seating because it can be painful to stand and wait for long periods of time.

Several women told him they used the benches every day, Warren commented, adding, “It fills me up. It’s air in my tires.”

Warren said, “That’s the idea. Let’s just all help our neighbors.”

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This is an excerpt from Breitbart.