Maryland Waitresses Shocked With $2,020 Tip Before Indoor Dining Closes in County

Lauren Jewel and Jennifer Zoller work at Evelyn’s in Annapolis, and didn’t expect anything out of the ordinary when they served a regular customer last Saturday, WBAL-TV reports.

The anonymous regular is known to order avocado toast with eggs over easy while reading a book in the restaurant, according to WJZ.

When one of the women picked up the bill, she was shocked to see a $2,020 tip. A note on the bill read “Good luck, stay well.”

“Before we had a chance to thank her, she was out the door,” Zoller told WBAL.


“So, when that happened, she ran over and showed me and said, ‘We’ve got to double check this,’ because sometimes the dots are in the wrong place,” Jewel added.


The generous gratuity, however, was genuine. Brandon Stalker, owner of the breakfast and brunch café, speculated that the exact amount had a playful purpose.

“I think she has a little good sense of humor writing ‘2020’ as well,”’ he mused. “It’s probably the only positive 2020 we will have this entire year.”


According to Stalker, locals have been leaving huge tips in recent days for the so-called “Operation Shock and Claus” ahead of the holiday season, and before Annapolis restaurants shut down for a few weeks. Starting on Dec. 16 at 5 p.m., both indoor and outdoor dining will be closed in Anne Arundel County until (at least) Jan. 13 as coronavirus cases surge in the area, per a county order. Restaurants can continue serving delivery and takeout during this time.

What’s more, after Evelyn’s received an $850 tip last week, they “never expected” to see a larger one, Stalker said.


In another twist, the customer who tipped the $2,020 has reportedly not been seen at the breakfast and brunch café since, per WBAL.

“I would like to give her the biggest hug and tell her I’m so immensely grateful,” Zoller said of the caring customer. “Honestly, there aren’t enough words to explain how much this has helped me.”


This is an excerpt from Fox News.

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