‘Santa’ Revives COVID-Shutdown Store, Turns It Into Workshop

Dana Friedman, a silver-haired 61-year-old New York City-based trial attorney, converted a kids clothing store, which had shuttered as a result of the pandemic, into his workshop, where he’s making toys for tots and delivering them in his 1968 “bikini blue” Oldsmobile Cutlass convertible.


“Usually we’ll go to hospitals and facilities where kids can get the opportunity to see Santa, but instead because of COVID-19 we had to figure out a way to bring Santa to the kids,” Friedman told Fox News on Tuesday.

‘Tis truly the season for the father from Bayside, Queens, who has been transforming into St. Nick every year since shortly after 9/11, when his firm, Kleinberg & Friedman, a block away from his office, started donating to those in need during the holidays.

But in the age of social distancing, Friedman had to pull off a Christmas miracle. With a little help from some elves, his 19-year-old son, Sean, and his paralegal he transformed children’s clothing store Justice, located in the Bay Terrace shopping center in Queens, into a hub for donated gifts and wooden toys he makes from “stuff” he finds at craft shop Michael’s.

“We asked Cord Meyer Developments, the owner of the local shopping center, ‘May we take one of the empty stores and convert it into Santa’s workshop?’” Friedman says.


They were nice about it, letting Friedman use the space for free. He now calls his workshop “the Miracle on 26th Avenue,” and he’s busy spreading some holiday cheer to the community.

“We took the S and the C from the Justice sign and painted it in glitter, and now its ‘SC’ for Santa Claus. We decorated the shop, I brought all of my art supplies from home,” he says.

So far, Friedman says he’s received hundreds of toy donations, which he’ll distribute to St. Mary’s Hospital for Children in Queens and Blythedale Children’s Hospital in Westchester.

This is an excerpt from Fox News.

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