Stranger Rescues Elderly Homeless Man Trapped in Las Vegas Floodwaters

When an elderly homeless man in Las Vegas, Nevada, recently found himself trapped in floodwaters, a stranger knew exactly what to do.

Arturo Castrejon was in the car with a friend near Bonanza and Pecos when they spotted the man struggling in the dirty and fast-moving waters, Fox 5 reported Monday.

The man was difficult to see because his clothes blended in with the floodwaters that were due to thunderstorms hitting the area with heavy rains, strong winds, and lightning.


Castrejon knew there was not a moment to lose, and he leaped from his vehicle’s window to try and rescue the man who was about to be swept away.


“I didn’t even think twice. I was like, I got to do something for him, I got to save him, I don’t even know how to swim and I went, tried to open the door first, but the door, water way too strong,” the rescuer recalled of the harrowing incident.

He eventually took the man into his arms and carried him to a home nearby where he would be safe.


“He was just telling me to not let him go, and I grabbed him, I won’t let you go, so when I carried him he started crying,” Castrejon explained of the stressful situation.

Despite the danger, Castrejon said he knew saving the man’s life was the right thing to do, adding, “Maybe we both could’ve died, but I was feeling comfortable with myself.”


The man spent the night with the homeowner who told Fox 5 the man’s name is David, he was not injured during the rescue, and he is homeless.

The homeowner also said he left the area on Sunday morning.


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This is an excerpt from Breitbart.