Volleyball Fans Stay Quiet so Player’s Brother With Autism Can Enjoy Match: ‘Pretty Special’

Wisconsin’s Mosinee High School volleyball team and fans remained quiet during part of a recent match as a kindness toward a young man in the stands.


The gym’s atmosphere stayed quiet until the 10th point when everyone was allowed to cheer, WSAW reported Thursday.

The quiet moments were reserved so that Mosinee player Melina Carattini’s brother could watch her during the game and enjoy himself without distraction.

Payton has autism which makes him sensitive to noises.

In a social media post, Mosinee High School said it was the first time Payton was able to attend one of their games.


“This is amazing! Proud to be from Mosinee tonight!!” one commenter wrote, while another said, “Nice job Coach for coming up with the idea! That was pretty special.”

Payton exited the gym after the eighth point and Melina got lots of hugs from her teammates during the exciting match.

“Special, very special. You know you tell him, when you get back home, you tell him how the game went. She played good, things like that. Many times, if it’s far away, we’re able to watch some of the games. But to have him there is very exciting and emotional,” their father said of the event.

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