Washington State Firefighters Rescue 12-Year-Old Boy Who Fell 20 Feet Down Well

A 12-year-old boy in Washington state was rescued Tuesday after he fell 20 feet down a well during recess and was found clinging to a plastic pipe to keep himself above water, officials said.


Firefighters in Marysville responded just before 12:30 p.m. and found the boy partially submerged in water, Marysville Fire District said, adding that the boy was unable to touch the bottom of the well.

The boy told officials that he was standing on the concrete lid of the well during recess when the concrete partially collapsed, sending him plummeting into the well.

The boy was conscious and able to follow commands as he held onto the plastic pipe to stay above the water, officials said.

Firefighters lowered a helmet and life vest, which the boy wore throughout the rescue operation. He was also able to slide into a harness firefighters lowered into the well.


After removing the remaining concrete, which was starting to crumble despite being connected to chains at the top of the well, firefighters were able to lower a ladder down to the boy.

The boy, whose name was not publicly released, was then able to climb out of the well on his own.

“Thanks to all involved in this rescue and this very brave boy for hanging in there through it all,” officials said.

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This is an excerpt from Fox News.